News in Web Designs

Week of 7/25/2016

So what's there to think about in web design? What's new and innovative? Well it's not completely new to designers but it seems to be new thought with the general public. What am I talking about? Responsive Web Designs is what. What does that mean? Well it means to be responsive to different veiwports. A viewport is what you look at while reading this. It could be a desktop computer though less and less are using such. It could be a laptop, tablet or even smart phone. The last two are what responsive web design is all about. It's about makeing a website looks good on all platforms, from a large 32 inch desktop monitor to a tablet all the way down to the smallest smart phone.

Why do we care about a smart phone and how our design looks on that? Well simply because they are being used more and more. Smart phone internet usage in the United States has gone from 62.6 million in 2010 to 190.5 million in 2015. It's projected to go up to 236.8 million by 2019. World wide usage is projected to be 2,659.4 million by 2019 that's 2.6 billion. The Millennial generation are the leaders of this phenomenon. These stats I got from

Some are saying the desktop PC is lumbering for the graveyard. I'm not completely with them on this but it is declining with younger people. This is why designing your website for all types of electronics in important.

So what does that mean? It comes right down to what looks good on a big computer screen may be unusable or at best cumbersome on a smart phone. The buttons and drop down menus while helpful and good looking on a big screen are not usable in a smaller platform. Check your website on your smart phone and tablet. Does it look good and does it work as you would like? If not and chances are if it was designed more than a year ago it doesn't. I can help you with a re-design or a completely new design. Responsive web design builds websites so that the user can move from one viewport or device to the other without loosing usability. So remember for a responsive web design it's On Time Web Designs. I'm waiting.

Week of 8/1/2016

Looking for news about websites and web design is interesting. Search engines don't really know what to make of "News about web design or News in web design". I get 362 million hits but none of it is new or news. I try "What's new in the world of web design?" I get 113 million hits and it's mostly about News organizations. So is there anything new? If you search this way you might think to the contrary.

Well there are new aspects but you have to ask "What's new with HTML5 or what's new with CSS3?" The cloud is everywhere and nowhere but CSS3 is tackling this with some new ideas. Most of it would be boring to anyone not familiar with writing CSS or HTML. It all is changing rapidly. The good part is that the internet as we see it today will not be what it looks like ten years from now. Twenty or thirty years from now it all may be in our heads. Talk about voices.

Forty years from now, people may well be talking to each other without really talking at all, but through implants in their brain that pick up electrical impulses and send them across to similar implants in the brains of recipients. This is what is reported on

Kevin Kelly, who helped launch Wired in 1993 believes the next twenty years will pale in comparison with the last twenty. He thinks robots will make many of our things and tracking and surveillance will get more prevalent. This reported in Business Insider.

So talking to each other with our minds. Texting by thinking the text then sending it. Hmm, that's scary many don't have filters on their voices much less what they think. I know I'm going to send the wrong thought and then I'm in trouble. If tracking and surveillance team up with thought texting then I'll never be able to watch the news or any political leader speak because one thought turned to text and I'm in jail.

Well, we are not there yet and all this will come at us a little at a time so no worries. What's new in web design well not as much as could or will be. So your thoughts are your own for now or at least the one's you don't post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other type of social media we have today.