About Us

Why should you care?

Why should you care? I start with this because most people care about themselves and the "about" page is usually filled with information about the person or people that the web page is about but why should you care? You should care because it affects you. Who you pick to do your website and promote your business will affect you and your business. It can range from just frustrating to be as bad as resulting in your failure. The person or company that designs your website is important and should not be picked because it is the cheapest or promises to be the easiest to do it yourself.

I tried the do-it-yourself website because I couldn't get someone to build my simple one page website for my novel. Sounds simple enough and a few friends of friends said they would do it but would never call me back to get started. Have you had this frustration? I tried the canned web whatever.com and found I couldn't even get a picture I wanted to transfer. They said they would make one for me for free but and it's a big but, I would pay over one hundred dollars a month. If I ever wanted to change the deal I would go back to my own devices. Means I didn't own the website, they did. I have spoken with a few people that paid two hundred dollars to a web whatever.com company and could not get them on the phone to make a change. I have also heard they don't even ask for input as to what you want in your site.

This did not sit right with me so I took an online course with a local college. I produced my one page website for my novel! I was excited so I took the next course and then the next and the next and so on until I had taken all they had to offer. I discovered that I loved the creativity and I could satisfy my desire to help people starting their small business. I decided to put myself out there to help people design what they wanted for their business.

My Business Back Ground

I spent twenty seven years in the restaurant business with the last fifteen owning my own company doing 6.5 million and year with about 180 employees. I sold that in 2007 after a record year. I did well but I was searching for something better. I wrote a book and while that was rewarding and I may still will write again I'm not sure that is what I'm called to do. Web design is it for me!
I love it and I will bring a business mind to it, I will help you to be successful in your online business. I understand business from a personal point of view. I'm not sure many in the web design business do. They seem to take what ever time they want with no appreciation of a schedule. All successful business people understand time lines are important and they have an affect on your overall success.

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