Let us Build the Website of your Dreams

Are you in business? If you are or you are thinking of starting a new venture I'll bet you have a timeline in mind. In business there is always a timeline. You need one for employee scheduling and hireing.You need a timeline for a marketing plan so customers know when you will be in operation. You count on timelines in your planing so you can accomplish goals at the same time. Much like a cook planning a dinner has many different items making up the meal and they all have different preperation and cooking times. So why is it when you plan your new business to the day and hour the people you hire to design a website don't seem to care about a clock at all? There are many talented people in the web design business but they don't seem to understand business and why business people need to know that a job is going to get done on time. We at On Time Web Designs understand business and the people driving it. When we agree on a time schedule with a customer you can count on us to finish when we state we will.

Owning a Website doesn't have to be expensive or complicated but in today's business environment and especially with our youth it is absolutely necessary. If you don't think so look around. People are attached to their cell phones. They are not making calls as much as they are looking for information, sending pictures and ideas, shopping. They are sharing their experiences with their friends. A digital presents is a must have in this new high tech environment or many if not most of the people you want to reach will not find you. It doesn't have to be a complicated website it can be informational so people can find you and understand what you do or what you sell.

The DIY Web Design

I know you have seen the web companies that advertise you can design your own simple website for free. Then you try with little or no success spending hours and ending frustrated. Then they tell you they will do it for you for free! That got you excited until you see it will cost you upwards of over one hunderd twenty dollars or more a month. Oh, you can cancel at anytime but,it's a big "but" you don't own it and if you cancel you are left with your own designs because you owned nothing. Back to trying to cut and paste yourself.

This is why I got into this business. I was tired of companies telling me it was free and easy to do myself. I got tired of the compainies that would do it for you but the product was never on time and it wasn't what we would agree on. So call us we will not have hidden costs and you will own what you pay for whether you continue with us after it is built or not, and we will be on time.

What Business People Want

The most you can get for your money is not the least you can pay. If that were the case we would all shop at the dollar store. You want quality for your money. You want control for your money. At least that was what I wanted. If you can't control every aspect of your business than you must rely on someone else. Is that someone a person you don't know that changes from phone call to phone call? It is if you use an online service to build your website.

Accurate and dependable is what I strive for and what you should expect. You can depend on me to speak to you when you want me. You can depend on me being responsive to your changes if you need them. You can depend on your ownership of the product I create for you and if I fail to provide what you want you can take it with you to another.

On time service. I stress this so much it's in the name of my company. After we agree on the content and basic design of your site I will complete the task when I say I will.